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Although I was a sculptor, I love the magic of watercolour and paint very quickly marvelling at it’s translucent layers and unexpected reactions with water./inner light.



I often work on several paintings at the same time. I not only become very familiar with my subject but also clarify the relationships I find. I might begin laying some colour on to wetted paper, which facilitates merging and blending. Then drawing back in to introduce some structure using dilute paint with a long fine brush which is very flexible and responds wonderfully to being used at speed. This rapid line, full of energy and vitality along with the unrestrained colour gives the work a life force of it’s own.



 With landscape I’m interested in showing the feel of a place: the heat, wind and smell. From moment to moment nothing in our world remains static. I want my work to be spontaneous and playful but also to reference this profound truth.



It’s important that I work intuitively and let this alchemy take place. There’s no place for thinking!


I want the viewer to feel uplifted, included, invited in to always find something new and revitalising within the work.

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